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GCX Studios is a digital media unit under Gushcloud International. The unit manages a diverse array of talents and creates mobile-first content for YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, BiliBili and other streaming platforms.



To grow the world’s top digital creators in comedy, hip hop, and lifestyle through video content, music, live streaming, and podcast.



To represent and manage the largest number of channels globally that represent a diverse array of talented creators and celebrities.


A dedication to empowering the talent we work with to strive to be the best versions of themselves.


A commitment to innovation and out-of-box thinking.


Being reliable and possessing a strong work ethic. Being a positive influence through the work we do, to create a better tomorrow.

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I asked Adande Thorne, who is our most popular black American creator, with nearly 5 million subscribers, why there weren’t more popular black creators on the platform. He ascribed part of the problem to supply issue. To build a successful YouTube channel. “you’ve got to have a nice camera, you’ve got to have the editing equipment, you’ve got to have a good computer.” he said. But I’ve noticed on Vine, on Instagram, on the shorter-from stuff where you just need a phone, a lot of my black male friends are crushing it.”

— Streampunks: YouTube and the Rebels Remaking Media

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